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How an automated CRM can help you become more client-centric

October 29th 2017 By Hannah Shepherd

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems help businesses improve customer data management and relationships.
However, it seems that sales teams are failing to enter valuable customer and prospect data. Research from CSO Insights revealed that just 44% of the top 10% sales organisations using a core CRM have an adoption rate over 90%.
But all is not lost. As a recent Business2Community article highlights, a fully automated CRM empowers businesses to become more client-centric. Here’s how:

Automation eliminates manual data entry

Your sales, marketing and business development teams are losing hundreds of hours to the inputting of data. In fact, LinkedIn’s State of Sales 2016 report found 33% of CRM users spend 3-5 hours per week using the system, while 24% spend over 10 hours a week. That equates to between 156 and 520 hours every year that your teams aren’t focusing on the client.
With automated CRM, your teams will spend less time entering data and more time devoted to your clients.

Highlights existing common connections

When presented with a new sales opportunity, your teams will naturally start researching the prospect, looking for common connections to enable them to reach out and start a relationship. But this research can use up a lot of time and resources.
CRM with automated relationship intelligence instantly provides your sales team with the relationship data.
With this information at their fingertips, your sales team are provided with a more rounded view of each and every customer, enabling them to create better and more relevant interactions.

Flags up at-risk clients

Of course, your business isn’t just about creating new relationships, it’s also about retaining your existing ones.
Client loyalty is key for company growth, with a Bain & Company study suggesting that increasing the retention rate by 5% can see profits rise by 25-95%.
Having automated relationship analytics in your CRM means your teams will automatically be alerted of any at-risk clients and receive information on how to re-engage with them to retain that relationship.

Provides insights into your relationships

It can be hard to know exactly where you stand with your clients, especially when there are so many relationships to manage.
A relationship intelligence platform and relationship analytics for your CRM scores and judges the relationships for you and your teams, providing a greater insight and accuracy when it comes to your relationship scores.
For expert advice on the best CRM system for your business, get in touch with Chapman Consulting today.

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