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How is AI transforming B2B marketing?

February 21st 2018 By Sarah Chapman | Founder and Managing Director

All B2B marketers want to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns, improve their targeting and help grow their business. But could AI help them deliver on all of this?
Demand Gen Report argues that with its automation and machine learning capabilities, this tech can let sales and marketing teams focus on generating engaging creative and building relationships. Meanwhile, AI will help transform B2B marketing through:

Predicting leads

One of the biggest uses of AI in B2B marketing so far has concentrated on utilising machine learning to predict the best leads and most important accounts.
Companies now have large amounts of data about leads and prospects, and machine learning algorithms can take these to provide marketers and sales reps with insights needed to prioritise promising accounts and key prospects not yet identified

Providing behavioural insights

Potential customers have traditionally been targeted based on attributes such as their job title, company or location. But AI can delve deeper into those prospects, providing B2B marketers with a more rounded view of the person behind the job title.
From the sites people visit to how frequently they engage, AI can provide marketers with the behavioural insights that will enable them to deliver more personalised experiences, with hyper-targeted content that marketers know will resonate with their audience.

Analysing current campaigns

Traditionally, marketers have had to manually analyse customer and campaign data and make educated guesses about their future strategies. But AI rapidly and automatically analyses existing campaigns to make predictions about the future, such as the content that will see the most engagement, and which campaigns will lead to closed deals.
It can also highlight any underperforming content and suggest alternatives, allowing marketers to make changes there and then, instead of running the whole campaign and wondering why engagement was so low and wasting budget.

Automation takes care of the data

Many have expressed concerns that AI will encroach on marketers’ jobs. But, in reality, the tech will act as data analytics, with automation and machine learning allowing the process to get smarter over time.
This means that, instead of wading through the mass amount of data companies now have, marketers will have the time to work on creating engaging content, while the AI tools can make sense of all the data and provide them with the insights to shape that content.

Closing the gap between marketing and sales

Of course, AI has its limits. It might provide valuable insights and analytics, but it can’t close the deals with prospects. That still lies with the sales teams. But this does mean that marketers can share the information AI gathers with the sales teams, to make sure they hit the right targets, with the right messages, and build better relationships.
Every company is different, and while AI can provide marketers a helping hand when it comes to their data, every aspect of the campaign needs to be fine-tuned to ensure maximum effectiveness.
Here at Chapman Consulting, we know that marketing is continually evolving so we regularly review to make sure our clients are using solutions that truly work for them. To ace your B2B marketing next year, give us a call today.

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