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B2B marketers believe video is the top dog

August 16th 2019 By Sarah Chapman | Founder and Managing Director

In a time where content generation is key, video content is one of the most effective ways to establish your brand. A well-produced, professional video can significantly expand your potential reach, which is why nearly two thirds (62%) of B2B marketers view video as the priority format.

According to a LinkedIn poll, businesses are now also including video content within their marketing strategies, as over a quarter (26%) revealed plans to spend more than £300k on video advertising in 2018.

So, why are so many marketers turning their attention to video? The overwhelming majority agreed video provides B2B brands with creative storytelling opportunities, whilst also building brand awareness.

B2B video has also proved to be effective when it comes to leads, with more than three quarters (77%) revealing an increase in leads since implementing a video marketing strategy, and 78% noted a higher quality of leads.

With videos, you now have a range of capabilities to promote your goods and services, with product videos, how-to videos, and explainer videos being the most popular video formats utilised by B2B marketers.

A separate study found that LinkedIn members would be more likely to watch a B2B video on the site if it was relevant to their job title. This highlights the importance of tailoring content to target audiences, and why publishers focus on improving the effectiveness of their video targeting capabilities.

Speaking to The Drum’s, Head of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions UK, Tom Pepper, commented: “Video has become one of the most powerful tools in a B2B marketer’s arsenal as they turn to even more creative formats to engage professional audiences. B2B video has come a long way from the talking head.”

“But even the perfect video could be rendered useless if it’s not shared with the right audience, in the right place and at the right time. With marketers investing heavily in video this year, it’s time they work seamlessly with publishers to overcome these issues and ensure video continues to deliver growth for brands.”

Video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for B2B companies, and if your company would like to create new, dynamic content for social media, call Chapman Consulting today on 0208 977 3200.

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