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The Importance of Social Media within the Construction Industry in 2022

In 2021 the construction sector had the second lowest usage of social networks among all professional sectors,
here's why this needs to change

It’s a visual industry

The construction industry is visual and some of the work carried out in this sector is seriously impressive. Showing off your work is proof of what your company is capable of doing and helps to build your brand reputation and credibility.

You will also find that potential customers are more likely to convert if they can see the finished product and visualise it for themselves. Think about it, you wouldn’t buy a painting from an artist without seeing their previous work.

It’s also common that companies in this sector tend to try and sell the product rather than the service. For example, if you’re a kitchen fitter, the images are going to be a lot more attractive if you can see the fully finished product.

To create a connection between your social media pages and your website, you can embed your visual accounts into your website, for example Instagram. This way, if a customer is coming from Instagram to your website, the connection is clear which will improve their user experience.

People are using mobile more than ever

Year on year the use of mobile rises, social media is a huge part of this. Think about who your customers are, are they on the go, are they normally on site? If yes then they’ll most likely be using their mobile more than their laptop.

With mobile comes the opportunity to create really engaging valuable content. Think about who in your company is out and about. It may be sales people, architects, specifiers or installers. Get them involved.

They are in the midst of all the action, they are the product.

People love to see progression pictures and videos. You might be so used to your product and been at your company so long that you’ve forgot how great it is. Don’t undersell yourself, make sure you’re putting as much information out there. The more you get people involved the more they’ll come back.

To attract the younger generation for recruitment

Who’s to say that social media can only be used by businesses to attract customers? More social media platforms are adapting to allow businesses to run on social media, including facilitating recruitment.

Currently, there is a skills gap emerging in the construction sector as a result of an aging workforce and the younger generation having little desire to go into the industry.

Sadly, the perception of the industry is poor, with CITB data showing that the overall appeal of the construction industry as a career option for young people is low, scoring 4.2 out of 10 among 14 to 19 year olds, and described as a job “for young people who don’t get into college or university.”

Unsurprisingly, 80% of social media users are between the ages of 18-34 in the UK. With this statistic largely covering the younger generation opposed to working in the construction industry, social media could potentially be the most effective way of changing their perceptions of the industry.

Construction companies can use social media to reach this audience and showcase the real opportunities involved in working in the industry and remove any stereotypes. As we have explained above, the construction industry is visual, which isn’t just attractive to potential buyers, but employees also. Make use of visual platforms like Instagram to:

Showcase your work so potential employees can see what you actually do as a business and be inspired
Show content of your employees on the job, so they can see a glimpse into the day to day life of your business
Advertise any open positions you have that will appeal to this audience such as apprenticeships and the benefits they can offer them

Embracing the digital change will help future proof your business

Digital and social media marketing is evolving whether you move with it or not. As we’ve highlighted with the skills gap issue, if you don’t adapt now, your business could struggle in the future.

This change will benefit your business all round, supporting recruitment and conversion of customers.

It’s true that a lot of people don’t understand how social media can benefit their business and its capabilities. It’s hard to see a direct return on investment when analysing your social media analytics, so often business owners disregard the channel as a waste of time.

Although it is true that you’re probably unlikely to convert a customer from one Instagram Story, you might, because they’ve seen pictures of your work on your website and social media.

Basically, your social media is there to support the brand building and buying process and your activity on the platforms could make sure you’re picked over a competitor.


A lot of people don’t understand the capabilities of social media. It can be hard to track down direct sales from social so people see it as a waste of time. Its true someone might not buy from you because of one specific tweet.

However they may buy from you because your website’s easy to use, you have downloadable data sheets and you continuously post project pictures of work on social.

Think of social media as the cherry on top of the cake. It might just be the difference between someone picking you over a competitor.

Social media plays a huge part in brand awareness. It allows you to constantly be reminding people who you are, what you do and how you solve their problem without annoying them.

If you were to send every social media post you did as an email people would unsubscribe. Social media is different as they probably won’t read your posts let alone click a link but the continuity of seeing your name is cognitive – it reminds them you’re still there.

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