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How do I develop my Brand in 2022?

Why do I need to develop my Brand?

Brand development helps you build brand equity in the consumer’s mind. Learn what it is, and the steps you can take to develop your brand.

"Aren't Brand Development & Branding the same?"

Brand Development and Branding are two different things. Connected, but not the same.

Branding is how you advertise your company or products with ads and visuals. It’s design-oriented, and focused on execution. Examples of branding include;

  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Ads
  • Logos

Brand development is about building a reputation. 

It’s personality development for businesses, the focus is not on promotion, but rather on connection. This focus on connection leads to a deeper connection with the target audience, making it more strategic and long-term, more conceptual. 

Brand development is how you distinguish yourself from your competitors, if all your products and prices were the same.

How do I know if my Brand is effective?

Start the brand development process by looking at the state of things as they are.

To develop and grow your brand, you have to put a mark on the wall to see where your starting point is. If you’ve been working on your brand and branding here and there, we recommend you start with brand measurement.

The benchmarks you get are a foundational piece of the puzzle. 

They will help you make well-informed decisions about making the right adjustments that actually solve problems in your brand, rather than just piling on creative ideas that aren’t aligned with your goals and vision.

With brand measurement, you can define the key areas in which you need to work on successful brand development.

Formulating a Brand promise

Your brand promise, or value propositions, will affect how your team work and what your customers expect from you. 

Pick one carefully as a brand promise is not a tag line or slogan! It’s the value you add.

It’s what customers experience when they interact with you. And that’s not just when they buy from you.

So why does a brand promise matter for your brand development?

Because it’s a daily reminder of what you’re working towards. 

The more you develop a brand, the easier it will become to deliver what you promise.

Picking a Brand growth strategy

Managing brand growth isn’t something like a marketing campaign. There are no sprints that will help you boost revenue or grow your customer base directly. It’s a long-term journey to grow and strengthen your brand.

Sentiment, brand equity and brand awareness are a few that give you a great overview on how you’re doing in terms of brand development. Your brand development strategy has to be aligned with your value proposition and mission statement. It’s not about reaching as many people as possible.

Here are some examples of brand growth strategies that have been executed effectively;


Calm – meditation app:

 Calm knew just when to launch a brand growth strategy – during the 2020 presidential election. In a stressful time for everyone, they were seen on CNN offering free coping and calming tools to help stressed out Americans – perfectly aligned with what they stand for.


GymShark – fitness apparel:

GymShark took a prominent role by helping both gym-goers and personal trainers during the pandemic, with free resources to train from home, and even the option for PTs to host workouts online. With this, they doubled-down on taking care of the physical and mental health of their customers.


Papa John’s:

Papa John’s knows what brand growth is all about,  delivering meaning. Instead of an expensive Christmas episode telling people about the importance of giving, they gave the money reserved for that commercial to a charity. In a simple, fun video, they explained what they did.

Consistency is King

Ensuring consistent branding across all channels, from your website to your social media profiles is one of the most important parts to achieving your branding goal and it includes the practice of always delivering messages aligned with the core brand values in the same tone.

This allows your audience to develop an affiliation and familiarity with your brand, therefore increasing brand advocacy and affiliation.

Need a Brand Development Strategy? Let us know how we can help!

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