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About Us

We have the clarity of vision to take your business to the next level, clarity that comes from decades of professional sales and marketing experience.

Strategic, creative solutions

We have extensive experience working with organisations from the property and construction sector.

Our clients include:

Our sales and marketing offer is not limited to this sector however, we have applied our approach successfully to a wider range of businesses including software developers, law firms, event companies and hotel groups.

Transforming businesses for 18 years​

Chapman Consulting was founded in 2005 by Sarah Chapman, who’s vision is to provide a leading outsourced sales and marketing service.  Her philosophy, is based on the fundamental understanding that marketing is now complex, involving many aspects and requiring extensive expertise. This often cannot be sufficiently delivered with an in-house marketing function.

The team that we provide at Chapman Consulting has over 20 expert specialists – all of whom support YOUR business as part of a planned marketing strategy.  We bring all of this expertise to your organisation, for a monthly retainer.  You get the best people working on your business for a blended rate far more cost effectively than employing a full team.

We hit the ground running.  No learning curve required.

We get it, we want it, we deliver.

Our Approach

We offer integrated marketing and business development services. We also advise on communications, customer relationship management and organisational development.

No other consultancy in the property and construction industries offers this comprehensive, joined-up service. And because of this, it we can supercharge your business’ growth.

The Strategic Business Development Review ™ is our unique audit tool, covering all aspects of your sales and marketing approach.  This powerful tool will help you take your business to the next level.

Our Vision

To be the leading marketing management consultancy business in the built environment.

Our Mission

Chapman Consulting provides sales and marketing solutions that help businesses grow.

Our Core Values

We are positive and proactive people. We get stuff done.

Our work will be intelligent and well-considered and we will be honest.

We will respect the people we work with and for, making our work relatable and working collaboratively with a serious but friendly approach.

We inspire our clients, re-energise, and motivate with our positivity. We are ideas people with experience, we have vision and we want to help our clients achieves theirs.

We strive to deliver excellent solutions for our clients, and our stakeholders building a business that offers and exemplar solutions whenever possible within the economic and financial constraints.

Meet The Team

Introducing our team of marketing professionals and specialists.