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Strategic Business Development Review

Strategic Business
Development Review (SBDR)

The SBDR is our unique and powerful audit tool, covering all aspects of your sales and marketing approach. It will help you to take your business to the next level.


The SBDR was devised by Chapman Consulting in 2011 to bring a structured, coherent strategy to our clients’ marketing, business development and corporate communications. By doing so we help our clients navigate the multifaceted dynamics and increasing complexity of these disciplines.

Now in its 10th year, the SBDR has helped over 40 businesses with annual turnovers ranging from £500,000 to £500m. Most of these businesses have been small & medium size enterprises (SME’s), although our methodology can be applied to any sized organisation or cost centre.

The process and final report are usually commissioned by and produced for:

The Power 100 Interview

The process begins with our unique Power 100 ™ questionnaire, an in-depth interview of more than 100 questions covering every aspect of your business marketing. 

This interview is carried out with the senior individuals of your business , during which we will cover:

The Report

Using the answers obtained at the interview combined with supporting documentation, clarifications and research conducted by Chapman Consulting we produce a comprehensive and bespoke report. 

The report includes all of the following as standard:

Your  report concludes with strategic plans for five key areas: marketing, business development, communications, customer relationship management and organisational development. 

Detailed tactical recommendations are made regarding tools to increase your time-efficiency and return on investment (ROI). 

Finally, we provide a timeline and an outline budget for the following 12 months and/or financial year.

Post Report

We present our findings and key recommendations to you at a second meeting and you receive  a printed copy of your report. This confidential, bespoke and comprehensive report is then yours to share with stakeholders and implement as you deem appropriate.

The SBDR has been conceived and produced as a stand-alone service. However, over 90% of customers who have been through the process choose to engage Chapman Consulting to implement its recommendations. 

We are generally engaged with clients on a retained basis, typically supporting you for a minimum period of one year. Alternatively, we can implement individual recommendations on a project-by-project basis. Our clients engage with us across a wide variety of services. Most SME businesses lack a dedicated or sufficient business development or marketing function to achieve their desired growth. For many we have acted as the outsourced team, fulfilling the function of a marketing or business development director, manager or administrator. 

Where our clients are sufficiently resourced we can still provide valuable strategic support, as well as a variety of specialist services traditionally delivered by marketing agencies.  We pride ourselves on our flexibility, and are happy to work with the business owners and/or your in house marketing or BD team lead.