b'100 Questions 360 Clarity100 Questions 360 Clarity 100 Questions 360 Clarity 10 11The Power 100Strategic Business Development ReviewChapman Consulting are the only business withinlearning and development and relationship the marketing realm to offer a unique, strategicmanagement. We use the insightsgained toallowus tool that delivers a comprehensive plan. Thistoclearly identifyyour growth objectives and enables our clients to rapidly assess where theythesales and marketing strategythat will help you should invest their time, and money on sales andreach them. We deliver this to our clients in the form marketing activity. of a comprehensive report we call The StrategicBusiness Development Review.We have mined our wealth of experience to devise the Power 100. An audit of 100-questions that coverIts not a pre-requisite for working with us, but it every aspect of marketing, sales, communications,can give you a very considerable head start.'