b'Unlock potentialeting Maximise MarkMaximise Mark Unlock potentialetingMaximise MarketingMarketing is a cyclical process, and its continually evolving. This is why, for our customers, we regularly review and fine tune each aspect of the mix to ensure optimum effectiveness. We aim to increase 18 sales, generate new business for you and19to increase your brand awareness across the areas in which we work.At Chapman Consulting we like to question things and peel away the layers of your organisation so we can get to the bottom of what you offer. The look and design of your marketing is important, but the research and planning should come first. Through a combination of workshops, meetings and audits, we workwithyou and your business to embed an ethos where marketing is not a singular event, but a process with a start, a middle and no end. We will not only advise you on what to say, to who and when, but we will be able to deliver whats needed.'