b'Relationship Management Define FlexibilityRelationshipWe research, collate, cost and organise businessDefine events to provide opportunities for you to meet your customers, from focused breakfast seminars, Management exclusive dinners, continuing professionalFlexibilitydevelopment seminars to full conferences.We also keep up to speed with all the main conferences, networking events and clubs in the We understand that your customerssector to ensure we have it all covered for ourWe recognise that a one-size fits all clients, and to ensure youre attending the right are valuable to your ongoing businessevent at the right time. approach doesnt work when it comes success, so effective relationshipto marketing. management is critical. Any event that allows you to meet your customers and prospects in a social setting can provide great benefit for building those significant relationships.34 Every client will have their own unique set of35The key to getting these benefits is to create ancircumstances - be it their target market, their stage Customer research and feedbackexperience that attendees want to participate inin the business cycle or the assets which they have We can help you find out what your customersand creating a valuable and compelling eventavailable to devote to marketing. The nature of our value most about your service through processisnt an easy task. engagement depends solely on you.management and analysis of feedback. We can assist you in gaining a full appraisal of yourLuckily, we have the experience to organise anyAs an outsourced team, we are able to advise on performance during and after a project withevent on your behalf. an appropriate retainer that gives you both the structured lessons learned data. momentum you need to maximise opportunity and Awardsthe flexibility required that ensures its affordability. We can also devise strategies to optimise theAs part of your ongoing relationship with theWe are happy towork on either a project basis or various key touch-points with your organisation, somarketplace both internal and external, wea retained contract. Ideally, weget to know you as customers become loyal advocates for your brand. research, review, analyse and target specifica customerand develop a long-term relationship awards to promote and position your business. where we becomeyour outsourced sales and Event managementmarketing team. Butwe are also happy to offer These days, amid all the online interactions, it canWhilst winning is not guaranteed, award entryhelp on ad hoc projects if this is required. We be easy to forget that face to face interactions arecan build profile, brand awareness and promoteare confident thatany investment is earned back still a valuable way to forge important relationships.your success. through increased revenue.'