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About us

When Sarah Chapman founded Chapman Consulting in 2005, she had already gained over two decades of sales and marketing experience in construction and property. In that time, she saw a great deal of change – but also one thing that remained largely the same.

Many businesses, prioritising their core competences, underestimated or overlooked the huge potential of expert sales and marketing management when it came to profitable growth. With this insight in mind, she established a sales and marketing consultancy to unlock that potential for the construction and property sector. Sarah also mined her wealth of experience to devise the Strategic Business Development Review, a powerful auditing tool that enables clients to rapidly assess where they should invest their time and money on sales and marketing activity.

This remains a unique selling point for us.

Today, we are a team of five plus 20 professional consultants offering highly specialised advice according to any given requirement.

In our 13 years to date, we have helped our clients win over £100m in revenue and, Sarah says, she must have worn out around 50 pairs of shoes on London’s pavements.

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