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Ascot Design

Ascot Design, a well-established architecture studio with a strong reputation within the high-end residential market, had started to notice a decline in the number of ultra-high net worth enquiries throughout 2016 and wanted to embark on a market research project to better inform its business planning.

Focusing on expanding the growth of their business, we performed our bespoke Power 100 questionnaire, a 100-question audit to uncover the key goals and objectives to achieve in order to accomplish their overall vision.

“You [have] put a lot of effort into the production and presentation of our SBDR. We were all very impressed with the report and gained useful insights into our market and our competition. We have since implemented many of the recommendations and our marketing capabilities have improved as a result.”

Alex Horder, Director

Bespoke strategy

Targeting High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), Ascot Design’s branding, messaging and website failed to convey a sense of luxury and exclusivity – both of which are paramount for effective communication within this market. Having interviewed the key directors within the business and taking an in-depth examination of their business structure and goals, we developed a bespoke, long-term marketing strategy as detailed within our Strategic Business Development Review (SBDR).

From the insights gained, we concentrated on developing their marketing output in order to reposition the company as one of the leading architectural design studios for both classic and contemporary homes. We recommended a full refresh of the Ascot Designs’ entire corporate identity in order to build a modern brand that reflects longevity, status and recognition, and established a new company mission statement to align the team’s objectives with the boards goals, ensuring that the entire business is working under a unified vision.

Visionary tactics

In addition, we also suggested an internal restructure, where the contracts department would become a sub-brand of the Ascot Design corporate identity and establish a sense of exclusivity required by Ascot Design’s target customer and build a platform specifically marketed towards HNWI’s.

The implementation of the tactics set out within our SBDR, enabled Ascot Design to refocus and reposition their business, and target High Net Worth Individuals more effectively. The SBDR brought a much-needed structure to their business plan and helped the Directors to move towards their long-term vision.

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