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Sharkey SE

A reputation is a delicate thing, which can take years to build up and mere moments to sully.

Sharkey SE, specialists in delivering excellence in all aspects of interior construction across a wide spectrum of sectors, appointed Chapman Consulting because they were at a critical stage of their business growth cycle – one that required the creation of a cohesive brand identity and a set of strategic tools to help them stand out as being unique, dynamic and different.

Our consultants embraced the challenge of working with a large number of decision-makers and using our Strategic Business Development Review (SBDR), we uncovered a need to re-energise general marketing activity, refocus brand positioning and develop a considered crisis communications plan.


"Since we started working with Chapman Consulting in 2015 we have had expert, thorough and flexible support to suit our needs. From simple day-to-day tasks through to planning and achieving our objectives and goals, our marketing is more productive than ever! Chapman Consulting are part of our family."

Steve Le Boutillier, Managing Director


Even the best managed companies run into problems – that’s why it’s important to be ready for anything. The way a company communicates with stakeholders and the general public during a crisis can be pivotal in determining whether it bounces back stronger than ever or is irrevocably tarnished by its response to the situation.

Initially, we helped Sharkey SE build a solid foundation for crisis communications by creating a comprehensive document covering employees, stakeholders, the press and media, carefully choosing appropriate language, and framing the message from the correct audience standpoint; speaking to employees using a different tone of voice than when addressing CEO’s or investors. But always ensuring the message is consistent.


Ongoing initiatives included a bespoke in-depth training, hosted at their head office, for all members of the crisis communications group. This covered everything from how to initiate the plan, identify ongoing problems, monitor the media and incident resolution.

With the health and safety becoming more and more of a priority amongst the construction sector Sharkey SE now have a concreate plan in place ,which they can swing into action at a moment’s notice, covering everything from a major redundancy, to a fire which closes a construction site, interrupts delivery and – perish the thought – results in fatalities.

Looking ahead, we will help the team with any on-going training requirements, and we’ll conduct an annual crisis simulation exercise which will test the plan on its robustness, effectiveness and practicality, for an ever growing and changing business.

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