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Vina Oscar Hotel Ltd

The creation of a luxury, high-profile investor’s manual for a substantial, mixed-use development island named
Saigon Phoenix World.

Servicing two international and high-profile clients, our objective was to conceptualise and create a luxurious, and comprehensive investor’s manual (IM). The purpose of this was to help attract major investment towards the clients’ 420 hectre Vietnamese island’s mixed-use development scheme. What’s more, without any existing branding or associated guidelines, the artwork produced for the IM would form the scheme’s brand identity.

“We are delighted with the comprehensive and luxurious brochure Chapman Consulting created for us. We really appreciated their continuous flexibility, coping with the project’s everchanging specifications; and their innovative creative direction, especially given we didn’t have any branding in place. Now, we have a market-leading brand identity, helping us confidently pitch this prestigious development to our target investors.”

Ralph Dando - Founding Director, Insight International


With a tight turn around, we firstly developed an in-depth project brief and correlating time line. Such measures ensured all parties were clear on their responsibilities, managing deadlines and the project’s overarching progress. This proved especially helpful too as often we were all operating in different time zones. Once our design team had produced the design concepts, we advised the clients on which we felt best captured the project’s requirements, and futuristic feel of the proposed development.

In greater detail, were taken with the idea of the development, Saigon Phoenix World rising from the island’s foundation. This inspired various flame designs, in tangent with recognised Vietnamese colours and cultural twists. With both clients’ approval, we commenced with the full creative works, incorporating regular status updates and retaining the flexibility to reflect any sudden change of requirement in the final output. Furthermore, we wrote punchy and persuasive copy, and exercised our full quality assurance procedure throughout.


We are delighted to report that the client is exceptionally pleased with the outcome. So much so, we have been assigned to produce the development’s correlating website. What’s more, it is our understanding that the IM has greatly assisted with the success of several sales meetings.

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