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The results of an internal engagement survey highlighted a disconnection between office and site-based staff. To address this, we produced a series of ongoing initiatives to connect all employees. One of such tactics was to produce an internal, digital portal in which each member of staff would be able to access company and industry news, technical updates and HR documents. In particular, the HR materials would contain legislative information, requiring employee signatures once read.

"The consultancy service combined with their design team enabled us to create a modern, fresh looking and feeling platform on which we have been able to host a wide variety of content and enhance team engagement with internal Communications. Chapman Consulting guided us through initial concept right through to implementation and internal CMS training so that the product is now a fully integrated system within our business."

Steve Abbott – Managing Director


To tailor-make this complex platform on time, in budget, and in accordance with its range of sophisticated requirements, we tightly communicated with the client and suppliers throughout the project. This was to ensure that progress compiled with varying expectations and any sudden change of requirement was captured. With regards to specific project deliverables, we firstly devised the platform’s digital skeleton (or ‘development map’), categorising each of the specifications into a logical, seamless and innovative structure. Once the skeleton was firmly in place, we wrote the whole copy, weaving in the company’s offering (plumbing) as a theme wherever possible. This exercise influenced the platform’s name, ‘On Tap’ and the naming of its digital areas, such as ‘Drops of Wisdom’, ‘Raising the Bar’ and ‘News Flush’. Whilst copywriting, we worked closely with the design team to ensure the copy and imagery married up and the plumbing theme continued to be exercised throughout the visuals.


The platform was launched at the company’s first ever internal conference. (This was another initiative we delivered to bridge the gap between site and off-site staff. Please see the ‘Internal engagement conference’ case study for more). Since when, we have been delighted to learn that On Tap has been exceptionally well received, connecting staff with a wide range of engaging news and legal information. What’s more, the platform now acts as the company’s main HR software tool, meaning that the whole company accesses the platform from all areas, using all types of devises.

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