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Woodford Heating & Energy

Having worked alongside Woodford Heating and Energy for 8 years’ and helped the business grow from £8M to £40M, our focus turned to its people – we wanted to ensure we had brought them on the same journey. However, the results of an internal engagement survey highlighted a substantial disconnect between the on-site and office-based staff. To address this, we produced a series of initiatives which would digitally connect and bring together all 300 strong employees. One of these initiatives was to devise and event manage a company conference in which staff would be presented with the businesses’ vision, pipeline news, team awards and other key company updates.

"It makes me very proud to be part of this organisation and involved in its continued growth. All the presentations were brilliant."

A Woodford Heating and Energy employee


To ensure this project was delivered on time and budget, and to the highest of standards, we carried out an extensive level of planning and organisation. This led onto frequent and tight communication touch points with all stakeholders to ensure all concerned were clear on their remaining actions and associated deadlines. In terms of more specific project deliverables, we devised all conference content and the correlating order of events. This included the writing of all speeches then conducting of professional speaking mentoring sessions to heighten the impact of each presentation. To enhance this further, we created an attention-grabbing presentation to sit behind the speakers. Further to this, we sourced a suitable location, arranged all catering; created and distributed invitations, managed the photography and videography teams, presented and ensured the event’s smooth running on the day.


To measure the outcome, it was necessary to seek feedback from the staff who attended. Comments included: ‘The presentation was excellent – a real eye-opener’, ‘Absolutely fantastic conference, here’s to the next one’ and ‘Well-presented, professional and exceeded expectations.’ In the latest internal employee engagement survey (conducted since the conference), a significantly larger proportion of staff reported that they feel incredibly valued and accepted as part of Woodford Heating and Energy’s collaborative culture. Furthermore, the company scored far higher than average when it came to employees feeling appreciated and supported. On a final note, the conference was so successful that the client committed us to planning the next one. In turn, this has further strengthened our already long-term and trusted relationship with the client.

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