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    Make sales and marketing alignment a priority

    According to research by Hubspot, misalignment between marketing and sales costs a staggering $1 trillion a year, as a result of decreased sales…

    Sarah Chapman

    How is AI transforming B2B marketing?

    All B2B marketers want to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns, improve their targeting and help grow their business. But could AI help…

    Does your business understand the importance of marketing?

    Marketing enables businesses to develop and enhance relationships with clients, directly impacting profitability and sales. But does your company understand and value the…

    Sarah Chapman

    The role design plays in creating a strong brand

    The term “brand” has to be one of the most-used words in the marketing world. But what do we actually mean when we…

    Sarah Chapman

    When is the right time for brands to re-brand?

    Company growth is driven by an organisation’s ability to adapt, but transformation can be a risky business. From Apple to Old Spice to…

    Sarah Chapman
    Sarah Chapman

    Should your ‘digital first’ marketing approach be keeping you up at night?

    Are the ghosts from advertising past back to haunt marketers today? It might be nearly 100 years since John Wanamaker said “half the…

    Sarah Chapman

    Strengthen your brand, and strengthen your business

    We all know that branding is the key to any company, whether it sells coffee, industrial parts or clothing. No matter what you…

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