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Choosing the right typography for your business 2022

Introduction to Typography

Typography can broadly be defined as the appearance and style of text in written materials – or the way that letters are brought together in materials in order to reflect a specific brand’s visual system. 

If you are not a graphic designer, chances are you don’t spend much time thinking about typography however it plays a huge part in the way your company is perceived by clients. 

Here at Chapman Consulting we specialise in creating a strong brand image for our clients, and typography plays a pivotal role in achieving this.

Choosing the right typography for your business

Brand Identity

Understand your brand identity. Understand your brand personality before you choose a font, which will nonverbally communicate your company’s tone. Start off by brainstorming a few words to describe your brand identity. If your business is “authoritative” or “educational,” you may want to choose a transitional serif typeface. If you’re “quirky” or “whimsical,” a script font might be for you. If you’re “innovative” and “modern,” consider choosing a sans-serif font.


Take note of the brand fonts you admire. Look up brands you admire and take note of their typeface branding. Notice the impression that different lettering styles can have on a viewer. You may want to pair the quirkiness of one brand’s typeface with the modernism of another brand’s typeface.


Research typography. Study the anatomy of letterforms, how to distinguish between different fonts, and how different lettering shapes or styles can evoke particular feelings. All of this information will help you make your final choice.


Make sure that the font is versatile. The font you choose should be consistent across your branding, from out-of-home advertisements to desktop web design, to mobile interfaces. If your logo design contains a phrase, choose something that is highly legible. If it’s something meant to go on billboards or signage, you’ll want something that is bold but legible at larger sizes.


Consider the typographic hierarchy. A typographic visual hierarchy refers to how letterforms are displayed and where they can draw the viewer’s eye in the most effective way. If you’re selecting a few fonts for your brand, make sure to consider how they look together. You want the typeface for your headers to complement your subheaders, and vice versa. Configure your font pairings like which lettering should be the display font style and which should be the body text. Swap your styles around to see what has the best structural layout.

Relevance of Typography in Shaping a Brand Image

Whether you intend it or not, your visual look and feel is communicating something about who you are, and the way you do business. Each of the visual elements of your brand identity represent the innate perceptions of your brand. Where color evokes emotion, typography conveys personality – for example some typefaces can be distinctly interpreted as classic, modern, formal or casual. Mixing multiple typefaces to create a distinct typography style allow brands to show a multi-faceted brand personality.

To see how Chapman Consulting can assist in creating a strong brand identity, please contact us using the link below.

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