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We thrive on transforming corporate visions into tangible results, dispelling the mystery of marketing,
and delivering creative solutions that accelerate growth.

Our process is unique, and as the front-runners of property and construction marketing,
we’ve made some special things happen.

Things accomplished by the 5 key areas of our business:


At Chapman Consulting, we like to question things. We like to peel away the layers of your organisation so we can understand your vision, and strategise your objectives accordingly.

Through a combination of workshops, meetings and audits, we work closely with our clients to embed marketing strategies as a process with a start, a middle and no end.

From establishing and refining brand identities, conceptualising and developing stand out websites, to creating corporate capability documents, we analyse, monitor, report and research; strategise, create and manage, keeping you at the forefront of your industry.


Working with senior management, we create business development plans with a central focus on maintaining strong customer relationships and expanding your client base. Aligning tactics with your overarching growth plan, we build and nurture your long-term and trusted relationships.

Exceptionally well-connected, we identify your most profitable targets, determining their needs and how you should meet them. Further to this, we advise on new business pitches, presentations and client management programmes. We even offer a specialist bid writing service to ensure your tenders stand out!


Who are you without your reputation? Sculpting your audience around your business needs, we persuade your targets to trust in you and compel them to engage with you. From the creation, pitching and publishing of press releases, to the management of events, social media and communications crisis’; to writing varying and punchy copy, we project and protect your reputation both nationally and internationally.

Learning & Development

Is your team equipped with the skills and experience it needs to take your business to the next step? The truth is, there’s always room for improvement at every level. From reorganisation to identifying areas for development, we provide training workshops and comprehensive consultative assessments to strengthen your staff’s skill set and in turn, your business’ competitive edge.

To support this, we have a team of experts in NLP, building self-confidence and fine-tuning public speaking performances; developing media relations and associated training. We also facilitate Anthony Robbins’ highly-regarded strategic intervention coaching and life coaching.

Relationship Management

Your customer relationship management (CRM) is critical to your business success. We ask your clients how they rate your services. Not only does this demonstrate your will to improve your client services, it fundamentally develops your business offering and the organisation of it. From this, we analyse your clients’ responses and advise on next steps, handling such communication if required.

Furthermore, we recommend appropriate CRM systems, correlating software training and data management – relieving you of this complex but essential operation, allowing you to focus on the day job.

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