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Business Planning

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago” - Warren Buffet


The Strategic Business Development Review is our unique and powerful audit tool covering all aspects of your sales and marketing approach. 

The SBDR was devised by Sarah Chapman  in 2011 to bring a structured, coherent approach to our clients’ marketing, business development and corporate communications planning.  We help our clients navigate the multifaceted dynamics and increasing complexity of these disciplines, de-mystifying marketing.

Orbit Business Planning

There are five principal reasons you need a business plan:

  1. To prove that you’re serious about your business.
  2. To establish business milestones.
  3. To better understand your competition.
  4. To better understand your customer.
  5. To document your revenue model.

These and 15 other good reasons are covered in our hugely popular Orbit Business Planning Workshops. This is a dynamic, high impact day covering all aspects of your business, defining your desires, ambitions and goals The day normally involves business leaders, and ion from anyone else involved in future planning decisions.

Budgets and Yearly Plans

Whether it’s an all-encompassing annual marketing and communications plan, plans around networking and CPDs, or internal events and communications, Chapman Consulting can help you plan and prepare.

We also support clients in preparing annual budgets for all of these activities.