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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a core part of a business’ strategy that is often overlooked. It is exceptionally beneficial to any business as most customers are now online. Marrying this with the fact that e-marketing is a great tool for both engaging your customers but also cleansing your dataset, there really isn’t a reason that your business shouldn’t be utilising this.

Effective email marketing uses analytics from campaigns –  such as open rates and click-throughs –  as a process for learning and allows you to get an insight into how your customers perceive your brand, service or produce, and whether they are in fact relevant. Utilising an email marketing strategy is an effective way of improving your business’ customer perception and engagement by driving the conversation to your users.


There are few better tools for Informing your audience of a single event, product or service than an e-flyer. A well-designed and focused message sent direct to your leads and contacts also allows you to shape the brand perception of your business.

The production of this content is usually focused on business development and therefore requires a tailored approach, something our experienced team of marketeers and copywriters can readily provide.


A founding principle of marketing is to promote awareness of your brand then convert your audience into loyal buyers of your product or service. A proven way to accomplish this is through regular contact in the form of a newsletter, providing news and updates on your business, its products and services.

Newsletters are a great way of communicating project and company updates. They are also an effective way to deliver ‘thought leadership’ pieces and announcements of future events, further driving engagement and users’ investment in the brand.