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Social Media

In an era when digital media is dominating and rapidly evolving, adopting a robust social media strategy is crucial to your business profiling. However, effectively utilising these platforms is easier said than done. Our team of experts bring experience across all social media platforms to provide you with a structured and effective strategy for your business’ online presence.

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Organic Social Media

The main appeal of using social media for businesses is that the content produced for these platforms is generally free. It also promotes your brand to a large audience quickly. To effectively harness social media’s full growth potential, businesses must focus on organic growth.

Organic growth is driven by engagements with your posts from your audience which can be a catalyst for your business’ online presence. Effectively deploying a social media strategy will allow you to take advantage of trends to further increase your business’ reach.

Paid Social Media Adverts

While organic growth is the focus for most businesses, there are benefits to taking a paid-for approach to social media. The main drawback of free social media is that it involves a “casting your net wide” approach which relies on reaching many users, who may or may not be relevant. Taking the paid-for approach allows you to introduce filters, increasing the relevance of the users your posts are reaching.

This is not a substitute for a social media strategy, however, as the content still has to be relevant and engaging.

Our Services

Chapman Consulting Social Media Team comprises strategists, platform managers, account managers, copywriters, video designers and trainers. 

We understand which channels work best in which sectors and situations, advise where to focus your efforts, and we deliver:

  • Organic social media strategies for all channels – typically a 12-month strategy, advising on channels, content, and regularity
  • Ongoing support with content creation, posting and engagement
  • Paid advertising strategy and media planning/booking
  • Social media training to maximise the potential benefits of your online activity