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Designing a memorable brand identity 2022


Brand identity is how a brand portrays itself to the customers. It is the set of all the branding activities a company indulges in order to be perceived in a particular way to the target audience.

Brand identity is how a brand identifies itself. It is the aggregate of brand name, tagline, brand voice, brand positioning, brand associations, and brand personality.

The Elements Of Brand Identity

Visual Elements

Brand Name: A brand name is a name decided by the brand strategist to identify the offering and differentiate it from others.

Brand Logo & Tagline: A logo is a textual and/or pictorial symbol representing the offering or an organisation, and tagline is a short memorable description that succinctly and clearly communicates the brand message.

Brand Typography Style: Typography is the art and style of arranging letters and text which is unique to the brand.
Colour Palette: Colour palette is the set of colours used by the brand in its marketing materials.

Imagery: It is the set of differentiated images and visuals used by the brand to communicate its brand message.

Non-Visual Elements

Brand Personality: Brand personality refers to the set of human traits/characteristics assigned to the brand. This personality is stems from the visual brand identity elements and customer interaction.

Brand Associations: These are elements other than the brand which the customer feels is associated with the brand. These include famous personalities, partner brands, etc.

Brand Voice: Brand voice is the uniformity in selection of words, the attitude and values of the brand while addressing the target audience or others

What are they?

Company purpose

Imagine you own a company that manufactures calligraphy pens. Your goal is to make the best pens in the world, right? Well, mostly. But what should your company accomplish as a result of making those amazing pens?

Do you want to inspire people to keep handwriting alive in the digital age? Is it to help customers write beautifully? Define your company purpose and let all brand identity design decisions stem from that conversation.

Sense of continuity

Over the years, your brand will evolve, grow and expand. With it, you might feel the need to do some face lifting around it and change your logo or slogan. Once this happens, you need to find a way to maintain at least some sense of continuity. To get a hint of what we’re talking about, you might want to take a look at the logo evolution of some of the world’s greatest trends.

Abandoning the old design altogether doesn’t just make you start from square one, it’s much worse. You see, some of your most loyal customers are emotionally attached to your company’s markings (seeing as how it gives them some sense of belonging) and they might get genuinely outraged at the change. Needless to say, this is an unnecessary risk that’s easy to avoid.

Present on different formats

Words are wind, which is why your audience expects something a bit more concrete.  Logo, products, and uniforms can all be equally iconic to your brand’s identity. This is because your brand’s presence across various formats speaks volumes about its reliability. Everyone can make a website and even produce a limited quantity of products, however, all of these products, when combined, really testify about the seriousness and legitimacy of one’s brand. Of course, this means that you need to find an ideal pattern for a logo that will translate well on business cards, banners, product packages, uniforms and much more.

Keyword data

Advertising online provides helpful information about users, like their location, age or keyword preference. This information can help with creating a strong marketing approach, and the keyword data can contribute to a company’s SEO strategy. Keyword data can help with creating new content that targets user’s keyword preferences and can increase rankings organically for high-value keywords.


While in some industries, properties and features are all that matters, sleek design is always a determining factor. The visual identity is crucial when it comes to building a strong brand but, with so many factors to consider, this is not something you should try doing without assistance or at least counsel from a skilled marketer. With just a bit of effort, on the other hand, this shouldn’t be outside of your reach.

To see how Chapman Consulting can assist in creating a strong brand identity, please contact us using the link below.

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