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  • Hannah Shepherd

    Top tips to dominate social media

    More and more, clients we work with and people we meet are overwhelmed by the vast array of social media

    Hannah Shepherd

    Is disruption the new normal?

    Looks like it might be – here’s why it pays to keep one eye on the future

    Keep calm and carry on marketing

    So why is it crucial to maintain a marketing programme when the going is rough?

    Hannah Shepherd

    Do you really understand your competition?

    The economy is turbulent and unpredictable. Margins are being squeezed…

    Hannah Shepherd

    5 Overlooked communications methods

    Marketing and business development is a fast moving, dynamic industry, let’s not try and escape that fact.

    Hannah Shepherd
    Sarah Chapman

    7 P’s

    There is no doubt the traditional marketing role in which I qualified in 1994 has now gotten far more complicated

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