The Power 100

100 Questions, 360° Clarity

Power 100

The Chapman Consulting Strategic Business Development Review (SBDR) is a unique and powerful tool that includes an audit of 100 questions squarely focused on your business. The insights they provide allow us to clearly identify your growth objectives and the sales and marketing strategy that will help you reach them.

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At a Glance:

  • The SBDR is the first step towards gaining a comprehensive understanding of where your business is, where it needs to be and how it can get there as effectively as possible.
  • The 100-question audit covers every aspect of marketing, sales, PR and corporate communications, training and development and customer relationship management.
  • The audit is conducted over two half-day meetings with one of our expert team.
  • The process culminates in a thorough, bespoke report that details our recommendations and action points for maximising competitive advantage.
  • On completion, clients either action the findings themselves or retain Chapman Consulting to develop and implement a business development strategy.
  • The SBDR is remarkably cost-effective. It is charged at a one-off fee, so clients do not incur overhead costs. Where the budget is limited, we will identify those modules that we feel will generate the most immediate returns and devise the optimal means of delivery.
  • The SBDR was developed in 2011 by our founder and owner Sarah Chapman, who has over 30 years of experience in business development. It was launched after an exhaustive process of research and development and a year of market testing.

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