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App Development

The Opportunity

Woodford Heating and Energy are well-known mechanical and electrical contractors who were identified as one of the London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain in 2018.

Chapman Consulting has undertaken several large-scale projects for the company including SBDR and brand refresh. They appointed us in 2010 to help achieve their ambitious growth targets. Since our first appointment, our marketing efforts have helped source this client over £100M worth of tender opportunities and created invaluable industry connections.


Woodford Heating





The Challenge

Our team conducted in-depth market research for the brand including carrying out an internal engagement survey which indicated a substantial disconnect between the site and office staff. This transpired into our objective to develop an internal conference and an internal communications strategy that strengthened the exchange of information and initiated closer internal relationships.  Hence, we developed an innovative and highly sophisticated web-based internal communications portal named ‘On Tap’ while maintaining the given budget and brief.

The Outcome

The website operates like an app and contains sections that cover key topics that the engagement survey identified as crucial for the workplace. For instance, staff stressed their desire for more company news, technical updates, and training advice. Therefore, we created areas within the dashboard such as ‘News Flush’, ‘Drops of Wisdom’ and ‘Raising the Bar’. In addition, the portal disseminates legislative information, requesting ‘read receipts’ within the distribution.

The successful launch and implementation of the portal led to robust growth in the number of activated accounts. The articles receive engagement rates of 79%and 71% which highlights the popularity of the portal amongst employers. Concerning HR management, the site effectively communicates related information and records employee engagement with such items.

‘It makes me very proud to be part of this organisation and involved in its continued growth.
Woodford Heating and Energy
Steve Abbott

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