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Brand Refresh & Rollout

The Opportunity

AWA Building Services provides development advice, design services and property management to a wide range of clients across the UK residential, commercial and public property sectors.  

The company appointed Chapman Consulting in 2018 to conduct a Strategic Business Development Review, the results of which included the recommendation to audit and ultimately reposition the AWA Building Services brand.


Brand Refresh


AWA Building Services Consultants



M & E Consultancy, Construction,

The Challenge

The Chapman Consulting team conducted a comprehensive audit which examined the company’s online presence, external communications and marketing collateral and internal communications. 

This concluded that the existing brand would benefit greatly from being developed and updated as well as being more integrated in terms of its application. 

The stated goal was to communicate a sense of positive change to AWA’s existing client base, whilst repositioning the company towards new clients by portraying it as the leading expert in its field.

The Solution

Working closely with AWA’s directors, we initially created a variety of routes focusing on the company’s brand marque and presentation. All of the company’s communications were examined, including its written and spoken tone of voice and its choice of pictorial content. 

Working under the maxim of ‘evolution not revolution’ a preferred route was developed into a clear set of guidelines to ensure consistent application across all of the company’s external and internal communications. 

"During the time Chapman Consulting has been our strategic marketing partner we have taken great steps towards making AWA a more corporate-thinking entity which has increased our market exposure. Their collective knowledge of the industry is also bringing valuable connections to our business. They are an excellent team and a delight to work with."
Andy West
Managing Director

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