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The Opportunity

General Demolition is a Surrey-based demolition contractor which specialises in building demolition, strip-out, structural modification, façade retention, remediation, asbestos management and recycling. The company operates across a range of UK sectors including commercial, residential, education, industrial, hotels and retail.

In 2020 the company appointed Chapman Consulting to undertake a business development role. This in turn led to the commissioning and production of an email marketing campaign primarily designed to cleanse the company’s recipient data base, increase awareness of the General Demolition brand and generate new business leads. The campaign took the form of a series of themed e-shots supported by a digital newsletter.



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General Demolition


Email Marketing


The Challenge

General Demolition used a combination of historic and more recently purchased recipient data for marketing purposes which urgently needed to be cleansed and consolidated. It was also felt that the breadth of the company’s offer wasn’t fully understood within the market. 

A series of e-shots were produced and broadcast on a bi-monthly basis, which reintroduced the company and then focused on its recycling offer, derating by stripping out and its ability to handle challenging, architecturally sensitive projects. The e-shots were supported by a newsletter – The Leveller – which showcased some of the company’s varied and challenging projects and which included various news pieces as well as a spotlight interview with a client. This was produced as a standalone item which was emailed to the database.


The Solution

Over the course of the campaign the General Demolition database of recipients was cleansed, consolidated and strengthened significantly. Open rates and unique open rates increased as the campaign progressed, as did repeat engagement, whilst unsubscribes rates decreased. 

Chapman Consulting operating in its business development role followed up any enquiries by telephone and arranged subsequent online or face-to-face meetings.

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