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Jessica Ingram

PR Executive

Jessica Ingram is an accomplished PR Executive with a keen eye for effective communication and a passion for building lasting relationships. With a First-class Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Journalism and a Distinction in her Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Roehampton, Jessica has a strong foundation in both written and verbal communication.

Jessica’s academic achievements are further underscored by her receipt of the prestigious Academic Achievement Award. With her deep love of learning, she is constantly seeking to broaden her knowledge base and stay up-to-date with industry trends.

As a PR Executive, Jessica is known for her exceptional communication skills, strategic thinking, and ability to develop and execute successful PR campaigns. She has a track record of building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, including clients, media contacts, and other industry professionals.

At A Glance

Services Provided


Bachelors in Creative Writing and Journalism – First
Masters in Creative Writing – Distinction
Academic Achievement Award

Years of Experience

3 years

Outside of work you will find me…

Outside work Jessica enjoys reading and going to the cinema, both of which feed her creative spirit and inspire her work. With her strong academic background and natural curiosity, Jessica is a true asset to any organisation and a valued member of any team.

Jessica’s 3 favourite movies:

1. Fight Club
2. Lion King
3. Independence Day

Key Projects

Social Media Expertise

Jessica has delivered remarkable results in the social media sphere. In 30 days, she achieved significant milestones for one client, including 15,000 impressions, a 32.3% surge in new followers, and a 27.6% increase in unique visitors. Her approach combines the art of concise, technically precise copywriting with a deep commitment to amplifying our clients' social media presence. She strives to optimise impressions and curate compelling visual content. Currently, her focus lies on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. While TikTok has piqued our interest, we are monitoring its potential within our industry and considering its merits for our sector. Additionally, she stays actively informed about all industry-related press and updates. This knowledge not only enhances her understanding of the industry but also informs the content she creates.

Fire Safety Event- CHPK

Jessica has been instrumental in ensuring all aspects of the Fire Safety event are in order, assisting with the ordering and implementation of the stand and marketing collateral.

News Articles - Chapman Consulting

With a strong background in Writing, Jessica has taken to the task of creating engaging and informative website articles exceptionally well and has been supporting the Digital team.